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Retainer Program

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Cohen and Johnson Orthodontics is proud to announce our innovative retainer program, which we’ve specifically designed to be hassle-free, save you time, save you money and help you preserve your radiant “Smile for Life!” 


Save Time

Most retainers can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world; no need for an office visit!

Estimated one week delivery after initial request.

 You’ll receive a new retainer every 2½ years or more frequently as requested; no need for an appointment!*

Save Money

Sign up for the “Smile for Life” retainer program and receive a $270.00 scan absolutely free!

Sign up now and purchase with the current pricing schedule.

Buy 4 retainers for the cost of 3!


Digitally stored impressions on file.

No office visit required for lost or broken retainers.

Easy replacement of old weakened retainers to preserve your “Smile for Life.”

Because nothing man-made lasts forever, including retainers, general guidelines suggest new removable retainers should replace aging, weakening and discoloring retainers every couple of years. The Smile For Life retainer program gives you peace of mind knowing you always have what you need to maintain a lifetime of smiles.

Here are a Few of the Features

• FREE 3D SCAN! That’s a $270 value, for existing or former patients when you join our “Smile For Life” program.
• We offer a paid in full discount or three easy monthly payments. Ask for more details!
• We will then keep your information on file, just in case you need to order a new retainer in the future.
• Most retainers can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world, with an estimated delivery time of 7-10 business days after the initial request. *
• You will receive a new retainer every 2½ years, (upper arch only) or more frequently if necessary.

Join our Retainer Program today by calling 260-489-8989 or toll free at 888-444-2128! 

*In order for us to ship you a retainer that fits correctly, helping you to avoid an office visit, you must make the commitment to wear your retainer daily.

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