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Types of Braces

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Metal braces are considered traditional braces. Both the brackets and wire are made of metal. They are used in most cases, but there are a variety of other options for you to choose from as well.


Putting in Invisible Braces
In some cases, clear aligners can be used to make minor adjustments. They may also be used at the end of treatment to address minor concerns leading to your perfect smile. Clear Aligners are used in place of other methods, such as Invisalign. Our clear aligner trays are custom-made in our on-site lab, so you know you are getting the best appliance for your orthodontic needs.


Ceramic Braces
Ceramic braces are white brackets placed on your teeth for minimal visibility. They are a great option if you want to minimize the appearance of your treatment.


invisible lingual braces
Lingual braces are placed behind your teeth, offering you results that are noticeable with treatment that’s not! Lingual braces are a great option for both adult and adolescent patients who want treatment that is undetectable.
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If you’re feeling unsure about your smile, consider a SureSmile orthodontic treatment! SureSmile uses sophisticated 3-D technology to create custom wires bent by a computerized robot, which makes your treatment more efficient than other braces treatment plans. You will get your braces off up to 40% faster than conventional methods.* Ask us for more details!


You’ve probably heard from friends or family that wearing braces is a long-term commitment, taking more than two years on average. With SureSmile orthodontic treatment, getting braces isn’t what it used to be. You’ll get outstanding results in less time with SureSmile technology.


With SureSmile, patients spend less time in treatment and make fewer visits to the orthodontist. The custom SureSmile archwire provides smoother movement for a more comfortable experience than traditional braces. And, by quickly returning to a normal oral hygiene routine, maintaining healthy teeth and gums is easier.


Anyone who has worn braces will probably tell you that wire adjustments and changes were the least favorite part of the process because they usually caused discomfort. Fortunately, the SureSmile system is engineered to maximize therapeutic efficiency of each wire, significantly reducing the number of adjustments needed. This means fewer episodes of discomfort over the course of your treatment.


Instead of the doctor bending an archwire by hand, a SureSmile wire is custom-shaped by a robot. When the wire is inserted, each tooth moves directly to the prescribed position. It’s this precise movement that enables such great results with a shorter treatment time.

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