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Meet Dr. Ron Cohen

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Meet Dr. Ron Cohen

Even after  23 years of orthodontic practice, my job is still new and exciting for me. Orthodontics is always changing with evolving technologies, and I enjoy being able to provide advanced treatments for my patients. Each person who comes to visit us has their own expectations and goals, and it is our job not to just fulfill, but to surpass them.  It is also my responsibility to help them know what is the best treatment for their problem.  Anything else is a compromise.

I am originally from Cincinnati, and have lived in Fort Wayne since 1987. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, which includes my wife, April, and our five children, K.C., Courtney, Caitlin, Spencer, and Maxwell. Aside from all of the frogs that are busy hopping around the bushes outside of my house, I also have two dogs, China and Preston. I love to be active by playing baseball and golf, and also by running and lifting weights. I enjoy a good book, as well as, love traveling or spending time outside by the pool!


1976-1979   Captain, USAF Dental Corps. Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service
1979-1981 Director, Saint Francis Hospital Dental Clinic, Honolulu, HI
1983-1987 Private Orthodontic practice, Kona, HI
1987-present Private Orthodontic Practice, Fort Wayne, IN

Education & Continuing Education

My path to becoming an orthodontist began at the University of Kentucky where I received my BA in 1973. I received my DDS from The Ohio State University in 1976. After 5 years as a general proctice dentist, I returned to specialty school at  St. Louis University where I attained my Master of Science in Dentistry in 1983.

A lot has changed in my field since 1983, and I have always kept myself on the forefront of new methodology. I currently lecture for SureSmile and Forestadent about the advances in technology-driven orthodontics as it relates to such treatments as Sleep Apnea, TMJ, and advanced orthodontic-surgical procedures. I am also an active Beta test site for SureSmile.

One of my current passions is my involvement with various studies using Cone Beam CT and orthodontics. The Cone Beam CT (CBCT) provides a 3-D image of the entire head; this method of X-ray can help  determine whether there are any potential problems with airway constriction,  TMJ  issues, root and impacted tooth positions, and other abnormalities that can not be seen with the old standary 2 dimensional radiographs. When there are problems with airway constriction, the CBCT helps to locate these allowing me to either designate a specific treatment plan to help fix it or refer to appropriate medical personnel. Early detection is important!
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